Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Enjoy The Little Things

Picked up these bright pillows from Target not too long ago. Love how bright the yellow makes everything and this quote. Too often I get caught up in too much of everything that life throws and forget to stop and just breathe. It's not about the big challenges or rewards we get but the simple, everyday moments. As a mom I am trying harder to focus on the little things, the candid moments and the quiet things in life more.

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Spring Hike

Hiking this afternoon with friends! We did not expect all the snow left and certainly not the mud that was trying to swallow our shoes. But we loved it and had great time. Looking forward to doing more hiking with the family this spring and all good weather days to come!
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Gorgeous Flowers - Made From Paper

These are the most incredible flowers. Gorgeous. And they are paper! Yes- can you believe it? I saw them on instagram and was gaga over for them. A few weeks later while at my husbands office, Fedex delivered a box and this arrangement and a chic vase were inside. I'm in love with them! And in love with my sweet husband that notice how crazy I was over them and ordered them all on his own. Say it with me....awe...... :) Check out her amazing designs! The Lovely Ave

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Once a year......

I love this pic and this quote. This past year with my job had provided some amazing opportunities to travel. They might not be exotic or tropical locations, but I am grateful to explore new cities- even if it's just for a few hours before I catch my quick trip flight back home. The hubby and I are looking forward to traveling more and getting our kids out to explore and see the world, the United States, even just in our own big backyard of beautiful Utah. Get out and explore! 
Friday, April 8, 2016

Nancy Drew

This is my book from when I was a young girl. I LOVED Nancy Drew. Who didn't? Who doesn't? I've been waiting for my daughter to take interested in them and was delighted when she chose this one to read at bedtime. I'm so excited and cannot wait to read more of these with her and go through the series. 

I was curious to see if these were still available to purchase- they are! On Amazon, they have a ton of different options from sets to single books! I love that my daughter loves to read and that she is getting into all my favs that I had growing up. 

Nancy Drew on Amazon: Nancy Drew books to buy
Monday, April 4, 2016

Feeling Fruity

In an effort to keep healthy foods and snacks on hand, I am using this amazing tray that my friend gave me last year at our 'My Favorite Things Party'. I believe it came from Walmart. It has a handy under tray to keep ice in and keep all your food cold and the middle bowl is easily used for anything- including delicious dips. 

I think the hardest part about getting fruits and veggies in each day is just the simple preparation of them. So straight from the grocery store cart, to the car, into the house and into the sink and onto the cutting board they went. Just getting ready for them to be eaten- any time. 

This pic was taken when I first filled it up. My hopes was that it would need to be filled a few times a week. This tray was gone in 24 hours! My kids act like they have never had fruit before and ate it up like candy. So far we are going strong with our fruit tray. Now we just need a veggie tray!
Thursday, March 31, 2016